Droll Yankees® Yankee Dipper® Squirrel-Resistant Bird Feeder, 5 lb. capacity, 28 in., Red

Droll Yankees

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Prevent large birds and squirrels from eating all your bird seed! You save money on seed when you use a Yankee Dipper® Bird Feeder.
  • Weight-sensitive perches encourage smaller songbirds to eat while preventing squirrels from feeding
  • Perches are calibrated to collapse under approximately 2 oz. of weight
  • Heavy metal cap fits snugly on the tube to prevent squirrels from lifting it to reach the seed
  • Length and width of tube are designed to prevent squirrels from reaching the ports
  • With a large 5 lb. capacity, you don't need to refill your feeder every day
  • Internal baffle design keeps seed flowing freely to the ports
  • Metal cap and base are powder-coated in burgundy
  • Hang from the looped stainless steel wire which reduces motion

Hungry birds will adapt as best they can to the conditions in order to survive and larger birds will sometimes hang onto the collapsed perch and continue to feed. It is uncomfortable for them and difficult so it discourages them but might not be the ultimate preventative.


Capacity 5 lb.
Dimensions 28"h x 8.3"w x 8.3"d
Mounting Hang
Squirrel-Resistant Yes