Trixie Dog Slow Feeding Food Mat


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Product information

  • prevents gulping down food
  •  suitable for all feed types
  •  soft material is gentle on mouth and gums
  •  fill with food and freeze for keeping the pet busy for longer
  •  non-slip
  •  thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  •  compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

      Anti-gulping bowl for a healthy food intake

      The Slow Feed food mat is optimal for dogs that usually eat their food in seconds. Fast and hasty food intake is as unhealthy for our four-legged friends as it is for us. To promote slow eating as well as better digestion, a Slow Feed bowl is helpful. Small bulges on the surface prevent the pet from gulping down the food and ensure reduced food intake. At the same time, slow feeding prevents various ailments, such as gastric torsion, flatulence or obesity.

      In addition to feeding dry and wet food, snacks can also be given via the Slow Feeder: With dog liver sausage, the Slow Feed bowl quickly becomes a licking mat. Licking has a calming and relaxing effect on dogs - perfect for "calming down".


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