Trixie Dog Junior Licking Plate


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Product information

  • licking calms your pet and provides quiet periods
  •  low intake of snacks in a long, drawn-out period of activity
  •  can be coated e.g. with pastes, wet feed or dairy products
  •  fill with snacks and freeze for a fresh surprise
  •  plastic
  •  compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

      Junior licking plate provides rest periods

      Puppies have a lot to learn and are constantly gaining new impressions. Therefore, it is important to include regular rest phases. Our Junior Licking Plate supports you in this: You can coat the snack toy with pastes, wet food or dairy products, which your dog can then lick out with relish. The small grooves ensure that she only eats small amounts of food at a time and is thus kept busy for a long time.

      Tip for warmer temperatures: After you have filled the plate with snacks, you can simply put it in the freezer for that extra freshness kick.


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