Carlson Extension Pack For Extra Wide Pet Gate


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Compatible gate extensions allow you to make the Carlson Pet Gate you purchased even more versatile. Extensions come in a variety of sizes and colors to expand your gate to fit wider openings.

Once you have carefully chosen an extension, installation is a breeze. Simply slide the extension onto the gate, insert the spindles and twist the tension knobs until the gate is securely pressure mounted to the wall.


This extension is ONLY compatible with the 30" Extra Wide Pet Gate #0730PW, 0734PW, 0930, 0937PW, 0932PW DS, 0932PB DS, 0932PP DS, 0933PM, 0934PW, 0939PW

4", 6" 12", & 24" extensions available in white, black and platinum.

  • White 4" Extension: Model #0904W
  • White 6” Extension: Model #0906EW
  • White 12” Extension: Model #0912EW
  • White 24” Extension: Model #0924EW
  • Black 4" Extension: Model #0904EB
  • Black 6” Extension: Model #0906EB
  • Black 12” Extension: Model # 0913EB
  • Black 24” Extension: Model #0924EB
  • Platinum 4" Extension: Model #0904EP
  • Platinum 6” Extension: Model #0906EP
  • Platinum 12” Extension: Model # 0914EP
  • Platinum 24” Extension: Model #0924EP

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