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The staff at woofmeow is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products, and nutrition so we can provide you with the best products and services around.

We are a family-owned business set out to provide a destination for pets, their parents and the whole family! Come Explore!

woofmeow set out to provide a destination for pets and their parents. They embarked upon an adventure to put the pets back into the pet industry. Having the belief that woofmeow will never sell dogs or cats, but rather provide a setting for them to find their forever homes instead has proven to be a winning combination for woofmeow and the Derry Humane Society, Canine Commitment and other local rescue groups.

A family-owned, family-first experience

I have kids… and I could not imagine bringing them into a pet store without pets.

I had a pet when I was young and I want my children to experience the love,

compassion and responsibility a pet brings to their lives.

Mike Griffeth, Owner of woofmeow.

Mike went on to say, “We set out with a mission at woofmeow to become a World Class Pet Store and to honor that commitment with helping to give back to the groups and charities that we believe in. Those groups allow us to carry the passion on in striving to become the best.”

woofmeow stays busy giving back to organizations in the community, but also takes time for fun & family events. Keep an eye out for woofmeow’s events that are catered to adult and children pet lovers alike, showing that a work environment can be fun too.

Stop by and say hi today! Roam around their famous Bird Department, hold some of the small animals & reptiles, or relax by the indoor Koi Pond complete with waterfalls! woofmeow strives to be a haven for pets and their parents to enjoy and is constantly pushing to be more than just a place to buy pet supplies.

Nutritional Experts

Choosing the right pet food can be challenging. Our experts are here to help.

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